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Twinplast has seen an increasing uptake of our corrugated polypropylene solutions in the retail sector over recent years due to its low cost and its flexibility, durability and functionality.

A further driver is that when compared to cardboard or expanded polystyrene equivalents, corrugated polypropylene has far greater performance characteristics and longevity.  What’s more, polypropylene has a far lower carbon footprint when compared to cardboard which is more harmful to the environment when produced, recycled, and it contributes to deforestation.

As well as offering far greater value for money, our polypropylene is, reusable and recyclable.

Having supplied the retail sector for more than three decades, Twinplast has an in-depth understanding of the sector and has supplied thousands of products to some of the biggest UK brands.

As well as its sustainability and functionality features, our corrugated polypropylene solutions are lightweight, inert and incredibly robust, making it ideal for heavy, repeated use.

Twinplast can provide an extensive range of standard converted solutions to any specification or colour, with the added benefit of being able to print high quality graphics directly on to the product. We also design and produce all kinds of bespoke solutions for new applications.  Above all, Twinplast can produce high volumes of products, and offer fast delivery all over the UK.

Our corrugated polypropylene products are ideal for all areas within retail; from trays, storage boxes and display counters, through to point of sale, in-store signage and product protection.

For more information about our corrugated polypropylene products for the retail sector, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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