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Pharmaceutical and Medical

Pharmaceutical and medical products need particular care when it comes to storage and transportation as products are often fragile and need to remain protected.

Our corrugated polypropylene is a proven winner for the sector - not only is it sterilisable and durable, it is also chemical, grease and water resistant, reusable, recyclable and lightweight .  

Twinplast has a wealth of experience when it comes to designing and producing sterilisable, packaging for pharmaceutical and medical uses. Specialised additives i.e. anti-microbial deliver added value to our designs Our robust, white polypropylene trays and boxes are biologically inert, non-toxic, clean and washable. They are ideal for transporting and storing fragile vials and bottles, as they can be made to any size and can be divided into sections to prevent product migration and breakages.

Our corrugated polypropylene solutions are also used for blood and tissue transportation – boxes are designed with a built-in carry handle for easy handling. Our customer pack fragile, expensive material and products in our packaging which is used to transport pharmaceutical raw ingredients and medicines, keeping goods dry, secure and protected.

As a total service provider, Twinplast offer full support at every stage of your project including design and prototyping, high quality printing, special treatments and prompt UK wide delivery.

To find out more about our corrugated polypropylene solutions for pharmaceutical and medical uses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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