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Far more environmentally compliant than many alternative choices in production and subsequent recycling for re-use, Polypropylene is a ‘good’ multi-use plastic that can be reused for years, as opposed to its single trip, single use alternative choices. 

Polypropylene is ideal in manufacturing environments, given the variety of performance types, dependant on intended uses. 

The industrial manufacturing sector use our pick, storage and tote bins to hold components and parts in assembly or repair environments.

The ultimate protection pack is our human organ transportation box in which a donor’s organ is packed safely, protecting it throughout its journey to the intended recipient. We recommend the use of our anti-microbial additive for all food/pharmaceutical and medical packaging (See Additives).

In-transit damage costs businesses millions of pounds each year, which is both unnecessary and preventable. The costs associated with damage is the reason why many customers come to us, and because we can provide sustainable and reusable packaging solutions that offer premium protection for goods, resulting in a significant reduction in costs.

Twinplast’s corrugated polypropylene packaging solutions are used in industries all over the UK, including FMCG, retail, construction, automotive, electronics, horticulture, agriculture, waste disposal and many more.  Our protective packaging is used extensively for storage and protection for goods in transit, reducing product migration and damage. Our solutions are also ideal for special applications that have tighter regulatory requirements such as food contact and clean room environments.

Our corrugated polypropylene packaging is made from recyclable raw materials which can be reused, returned or recycled, leading to a reduction in costs, resources and environmental impact. Its key features and benefits include:

  • Strong and Lightweight
  • Multi-trip packaging
  • Resistant to moisture, grease and chemicals
  • Non-abrasive and crush resistant
  • Hygienic and can be sterilised
  • Biologically inert, non-toxic, clean and washable
  • Can be modified with additives during extrusion to meet specific needs e.g. anti-static, UV, flame retardant or corona treatments for printing
  • Suitable interior or exterior use
  • Choice of colours and printing options to optimise branding.

Our in-house facilities offer customers a full range of services including custom design, manufacture to industry standard tolerances and conversion to most FEFCO or bespoke designs.

For more information on corrugated polypropylene solutions for packaging, or to discuss a particular project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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