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Flat Sheet

Our standard recyclable flat sheets are an excellent option for those seeking durable and high-quality material. They extrude these sheets up to 6 meters and 2.5 = 5 meters in width and come in a range of thicknesses from 2mm to 10mm (250gsm up to 3000gsm). The range of densities (gm) available can optimize the board's performance, providing greater strength. The stiffness of the flat sheets ranges from 200mNM to 7,500mNm.

Our in-house online and offline flexo printers can print up to four images on standard 2400 x 1200 sheets. We also provide various additives and treatments such as Corona, anti-static, UV protection, and fire retardant.

Our corrugated polypropylene flat sheets come in a range of standard and special colour matches. We can also incorporate prescribed percentages of recycled material in our raw materials to meet particular customer standards.

Our corrugated polypropylene products are reusable and recyclable, and they are also FDA-approved and compliant with environmental legislation. Please choose our standard recyclable flat sheets for their durability, range of options, and environmental friendliness.


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