Treatments & Applications

Corona For signage and point of sale publicity Corona treatment maybe necessary where boards are to be glued, laminated, screen printed and for digital printing, our additional digi treatment leaves boards with an opaque bright white finish to give a sharper, crisp, clear surface for accurate reproduction, better defined print and brilliant full colour.  Treated 48 dyne/cm on both sides of the board during the extrusion process.
Anti-Static Our Anti-Static or conductive additive maybe necessary to prevent fibre and dust build up, reduce static or electrical charges which can course damage to electronic or computer components and even prevent ignition of flammable liquids and gases.
Flame Retardant Our Flame retardant additive is a necessary treatment that complies with LPS1207, Fire requirements for protective covering materials, and will not add significantly to the fire risk during the construction of new buildings and renovation of existing buildings.    This standard is referred to in The Joint Code of Practice on the Protection from Fire construction sites & Buildings Undergoing Renovation, 8th Edition published by the FPA in association with RISC Authority.

This treatment may also be required for specific applications such as exhibitions where signage should not significantly add to the fire risk.

LPCB certification is printed directly onto the boards, so why not take advantage of this advertising opportunity and at the same time have your boards branded with your company logo.

UV/Weathering This treatment may be necessary in extending the boards outdoor life and performance.  Assuming normal weather conditions in the UK, stabilised boards can last from 2 to 5 years.