Fragile Packaging & Dividers

When extra protection is required our fragile protection range can offers just that. A cracked, broken or damaged object can have high cost implications and leave you with a poor reputation.  Whatever the packaging requirement or application, we understand that not all packaging needs are the same and a one fit all approach may not fit all.  We can design custom solutions to meet you packaging needs to cushion and protect multiple or individual products tightly, within an outer case. Ensuring they remain free from movement and potential damage during transit.  Our Spunbond lamination application can provide for a scratch resistance protection or our anti-static application is available for safer options for transportation of sensitive equipment.

Our technical sales team can provide innovative solutions, technical know-how, design and prototype packaging solutions to ensure your product arrives at its destination safety, un-damaged, regardless of its content.

We can provide custom designed:

  • florescent tube disposal
  • glass/china boxes and dividers
  • layer pads
  • dividers/partitions/separators
  • party hire
  • automotive components,
  • electrical or computer components
  • interior dunnage
  • pet carriers