Environmental and Recycling


We at Twinplast Limited are committed to providing products to our customers with utmost care for the environment and concern for the prevention of pollution. We manufacture Twinplast corrugated plastic board from polypropylene, which is generally considered to be the most environmentally friendly of the plastics currently available. In corrugated form immense product strength is achieved with minimum raw material usage. Twinplast board is additionally photo degradable.

To achieve this commitment it is our policy to:

  • Integrate environmental issues into our commercial decision making
  • Openly and honestly communicate externally and internally our company’s environmental performance, and to make this Policy Statement available to customers, suppliers, contractors, regulators and the general public on request.
  • Comply with, and where possible exceed the requirements of relevant environmental legislation, regulations and international agreements.
  • Conserve natural resources by minimising raw material and energy use in the selling, transport, storage and distribution processes and other company activities, and to encourage recycling whenever possible.
  • Continually improve environmental performance and the prevention of pollution by implementing an environmental management system which assigns responsibilities to all staff.
  • Set and periodically review our environmental objectives and targets.
  • Provide staff training to improve awareness of any significant environmental aspects and our company environmental policy.
  • Undertake regular management review and revision of the environmental policy.