Our Twinplast cable mats are designed to minimize the risk of replacing cabling due to water ingress and minimising the risk of inevitable insurance claims. Water ingress into the data cabling system can have a serious effect on a cables ability to support high bit rate data transmission, for example Gigabit Ethernet and the dielectric performance is changed, affecting impedance and related parameters of attenuation and return loss.

It is a common misunderstanding that PVC data cable sleeves are waterproof, they are not, our cable-mat is water and chemical resistant (generally regarded as being biologically inert), low smoke, flame retardant, anti-static and does not burst in the Mullen Tester.

Standard thickness for Cable-mats is 4mm, but can be supplied in a range of thickness from 2mm to 6mm, available in many lengths and widths and easily cut to size on site with a Stanley knife.

Cable mats protect against water flooding, chemicals and sharp edges, ideal for lining cable baskets or trays.


Cable tray liner