Twinflute Board Options

Twinplast corrugated plastic sheet sizes are extruded and available up to 4 meters in length and 2.5 meters in width. Please consult us for any special sheet sizes.

Thickness (mm) Weight (gsm)* Colours
2 250-400 twinflute

Translucent, white, flame red, orange, citrus yellow, banana yellow, sage green, sky blue, navy blue, silver, brown, purple, ivory, grey, black, recycled and other colours available on request.

3 350-750
4 585-1100
5 900-1200
6 1200-1500
8 1500-1700
10 1750-2000

* enhanced gsm is available to optimise board performance, giving greater rigidity, super surface smoothness and thermal stability.

Thickness/Weight                          Stiffness
2mm/350gsm 200mNm
4mm/650gsm 2200mNm
6mm/1450gsm 7500mNm