Advertising & Marketing Solutions

Marketing is a widely used term to describe the means of communication between the company and the consumer audience. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, success may depend on enhancing the image or brand of your business with strategic advertising solutions, we can provide a wide range of solutions to reach your customers and the message you convey to convince them to purchase a product or service on a short term or permanent basis.

Our Twinplast boards offer a super-smooth, crisp and bright surface, suitable for printing (we can corona treat to 50 dyne) either flute direction, screen or digitally printable.  Our boards are compatible with any environment or physical condition to which it may be exposed and our UV-treatment can further enhance the life of the board.  Optional trimming provides very tight tolerance.  Strong and light-weight ideally suited for most advertising and marketing solution we can supply a wide range of innovative Point Of Sale, Display or Signage solutions for internal and external use.

Our advertising and marketing solutions:


POS & Display




Temporary Signage