Additional Services & Conversion Applications

Spunbond Spunbonding our Twinplast boards involves continuous filaments of polypropylene being spun and then formed into multi directionally arranged web, heat bonded at the crossover points and then laminated to our boards

Ideal for use in many different applications, such as packaging for laboratory and medical sectors, when a lightweight fabric lining is required with excellent electrical properties.  Soft, breathable, lightweight, chemical and water resistant, non irritant and non-toxic, making it safe for contact with skin and food. Tensile strength even at extreme low temperatures.

Die cutting This process involves creating a custom die tool to the required shape, then using it for cutting, creasing, embossing, waste stripping and black separation of the finished shape out of flat plastic sheets. The blunt blades used, do not cut through the material but creases it, this is useful for materials that needs to be folded, parts pushed out or tabs for assembling. Known for its highly accurate registration with precision sheet control and tolerance.

Ideally used for FEFCO or bespoke designed packaging.

Assembly options: hot-air welded, ultra-sonically welded, glued or stapled Following Die cutting, we can advise on the most suitable adhesives for your specific application.  Some applications may require materials to be bonded together in select areas to achieve desired result.

Clips, clasps, handles, straps can be added.  Product can be delivered fully assembled or flat packed.

Guillotined or Slitting If straightness or squareness is required, after extrusion, boards can be guillotined or slit for accuracy and precision.