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Twinplast is an independent, leading manufacturer of corrugated plastic products.


We have earned a reputation for fast turnaround times, quality product, and competitive pricing. Because we manufacture all of our products, we control every part of the process from quick quotes by phone, to rapid delivery to your door or anywhere in the UK.

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Rapid Response.

Our entire operation has been designed for flexibility allowing us to manufacture and despatch within hours, if needed. Our extreme efficiency makes us the Manufacturer of Choice for small and medium sized orders.

Fast Delivery.

Because our manufacturing facilities are among the most efficient in the world, we offer Just-in-Time delivery services. You can have the product you want, precisely when you need it and where you need it.  We've mastered the art of reliable and fast delivery throughout the UK.

First-Rate Service.

Our goal is always to find the best solution for your business, whether it's off-the-shelf or custom. This requires a thorough understanding of your application and the expertise to produce a thoughtful and timely solution. We enjoy a challenge, we take responsibility, and we communicate with you throughout every stage of the process – specification, design, manufacture and delivery.

Legacy of Innovation.

Twinplast have been at the forefront of many industry innovations including the development of multi-trip packaging, and the manufacture of environmentally-sensitive packaging products. We have developed the logistics and processes whereby corrugated plastic board can be 100% recycled – a first for any manufacturer of similar material.

When you choose Twinplast, you get the whole package

Fast Response


Competitive Pricing

Compliance with Environmental legislation

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Design & Prototyping

 Our technical sales team have a passion for creating innovative design solutions. We can help clients from a wide range of industries, small, medium or large size companies to international corporations to create and develop product solution.

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